Solfanelli Editore Gennaio 2024      


The term and the substance of «industrial revolution» have been criticized with notable arguments by Friedrich August von Hayek and in general by the Austrian school of the «methodological individualism», including Karl Popper and Ludwig von Mises. However, in this book it is maintained and confirmed that the industrial revolution, if not a revolution as a radical break with the past, it has certainly had an impact on the traditional way of life as a global process, involving economic, social and political settings as well as individual psychological orientation and behavior.




La sociologie, vision d'ensemble

 Mimesis Editore Maggio 2023      


La vocation actuelle de la sociologie concerne l'étude des conditionnements réciproques entre les différents aspects du social ; au-delà, la découverte de la socialité de l'individu, c'est-à-dire que les problèmes de l'individu ont des dimensions sociales que l'individu ne peut pas contrôler. La fonction démystificatrice et, pour les sciences humaines, interdisciplinaire de la sociologie devient alors évidente.




From formal to substantive reason and beyond

 Solfanelli Editore Giugno 2023      


In this book a basic issue is dealt with. It concerns the transition from a purely formal rationalization, typical of a totally administered society, to a substantive reason, capable of recovering the intrinsic, non-utilitarian value of interpersonal relationship beyond any ego-centered calculation.




Religion as a social phenomenon

 Solfanelli Editore Giugno 2023      


It does not make any difference whether one is a true believer or not. The fact remains that religion is an important, at times decisive, social phenomenon. Following the footsteps of Max Weber, in this book the influence of religion as a lived ethics upon the routine economic behaviour is analyzed and, to a certain extent, explained.




Religion in Sigmund Freud

 Solfanelli Editore Giugno 2023      


The importance of religion as a social phenomenon cannot be denied, and even such a professed atheist as Sigmund Freud could not help to go deep into what he called «the future of an illusion». Illusion or not, still today in the name of religion people live, collaborate or fight and eventually die.




Substantive reason versus total bureaucracy

 Solfanelli Editore Aprile 2023      


Formal rationality, which is typical of organized bureaucracy, whether public or private, has little, if anything, to do with substantive rationality. Thus, while it can take care of day-to-day problems, it is unable to face the challenge of sudden, explosive crises. Historically, Fascism, Nazism, Bolshevism have been the tragic responses to such inability, by crushing democratic values and freedoms to implement autocratic dictatorships.




First-Hand impressions on North America by a curious european visitor

 Solfanelli Editore Aprile 2023      


In this book the reader will find some impressions on the quality of life in the United Sates as experienced by a European visitor. Some contradictions are bound to became evident, such as poverty in an affluent society, a working society without a working class, the fear and the frustrated attempt to hide, if not exorcize, death. In this perspective, Americans seem to be plagued by a constant parricide complex and by the need to be loved by all the other countries. They desperately try to be seen or the most convincing historical example of «democracy» while economic and financial potentates are prone to manipulate a gullible public opinion. Perhaps, the «American dream» is bound to remain a dream although nobody will forget the decisive American contribution to defeat Nazism and Fascism in the second World War.




Shared cultural traditiones: A way out of the present crisis

 Solfanelli Editore Marzo 2023      


This is a dramatic plan for the positive encounter among different cultures in order to discover and take into account the basic unity of the humankind. The dilemma, especially in a nuclear age as ours, is clear and inescapable; either dialogue or perish.




Thorstein B. Veblen Sociology as social criticism

 Solfanelli Editore Febbraio 2023      


Sociology is necessarily social criticism. It can be regarded as a mere technical engineering only when the sociologists accept to be clowngraded to technicians ready to sell their knowledge to the best bidder in the market.




Some remarks about terrorism in Italy

 Solfanelli Editore Giugno 2022      


In this book, the reader will find an examination of some peculiarities of Italian terrorism, centering on the distinction between common and politically motivated violence. The Author tries to explain the type of "repented terrorism, probably possible only in a largely catholic country, where to confess and to be forgiven is a rathen common pratice among the true believers



Les Jeunes ces inconnus

 Solfanelli Editore Giugno 2022      


Tout le monde a des conseils port les jeunes. Mais il fout avan tout les e'counter pour comprendre leur desir de participer et les frustation liees a l'incomprehension des adultes, ce livre a l'ambition d'ouvrir et de developper le dialougue entre les generations.




Biography and social research

 Solfanelli Editore Giugno 2022      


This book deals with the importance of life-stories for social research. Quantitative methods can be useful to describe the social context, but nobody would be willing to disclose his or her profound existential expreiences to a pre-conceived questionnaire. Hence, the biographic method is essential to describe and undestand the individuals in society.




The hidden attractiveness of violence

 Solfanelli Editore Giugno 2022      


Violence is obviously the sudden interruption of a rational discourse. This book deals with the strange attraction that violence seems to have precisely among intellectuals, who are sometimes mesmerized by the quick and irrational decision that cuts through all elaborate thoughts. The "agents" are praised against and above the "thinkers".




Sociology as a critique of global society and its interconnected components

 Solfanelli Editore 2022      


This book is concerned with industrial society as a global reality not in a Comtean mood, that is by conceiving society as a totality to be rationally analyzed and explained, but rather by thinking of society as a plurality of social elements reciprocally conditioned and dialectically interrelated. A cursory mention is made of the reception of Thorstein Veblen in Italy and of the concept of Entrepreneur in Veblen and Schumpeter.




Thoughts on communism before the fall of the soviet union

 Solfanelli Editore 2022      






Solfanelli Editore- 2020      

This community study aims at rediscovering the individual working-man beyond ideological stereotypes in his or her workplace and on the basis of his or her lived experience. Usually the history of the working class movement has been written from above by intellectuals self-appointed proletarians. Here the workers speak for themselves and the process of industrialization reveals itself as a multi-faceted reality. Far from rationalizing a tradition bound community, it appears at times perverted and subserving a familistic pre-rational orientation.






Science - For What

Solfanelli Editore - 2019





Toward the end of constantinian christendom

 Solfanelli       2019





History and sociology

 Solfanelli Editore       2019





Notes towards the theory of dynastic capitalism

 Solfanelli Editore       2018





New Historicism and the lived experience

Solfanelli Editore - 2018






Self-identity and cultural traditions

Sofanelli - Editore 2018






Italy - An unauthorized portrait

Solfanelli Editore - 2018





La raison et son destin

Gangemi Editore - 2018





Report on the mafia

Solfanelli Editore - 2018







Theory and field-work

Solfanelli Editore - 2017





The Hypnotic power of violence

Solfanelli Editore - 2017






Europe at a crossroad

Trampolino Edizioni - 2016





Thorstein Bunde Veblen

Solfanelli Editore - 2016

"C'è un stagione nella vita di ognuno, suppongo, in cui viene naturale riaprire vecchi cassetti in cui, debitamente coperti da anni di polvere, giacciono alla rinfusa carte e scartafacci che si è incerti se lasciarli alla pace dell'oblio e alla critica..." - dalla prefazione dell'Autore


Una postfazione

l'Harmattan, Parigi 2015












Essays on Culture, Politics and Power

Editore Academicus - 2014


Il numero speciale di «Academicus» presenta in traduzione inglese alcune dei più importanti saggi di Franco Ferrarotti sul rapporto tra cultura, politica e potere intese come componenti dinamiche di un universo sociale che interagiscono tra loro e influenzano la natura e l’esperienza quotidiana.
In tale contesto, l’Autore si sofferma sulle relazioni tra filosofia e sociologia, come strumenti di
lettura della società, sulla definizione e sul ruolo storico dell’intellettuale, sul rapporto tra sviluppo tecnologico e rivoluzione sociale. Sulla scorta delle teorie di Weber e Horkheimer sui processi di razionalizzazione sociale e di burocratizzazione, viene messo al centro dell’attenzione il caso dell’Italia, un paese diviso fra tradizione e modernità, un esempio illuminante dell’accidentato percorso che una società tradizionale si trova ad affrontare nel modernizzare le proprie strutture.                           



Historia e historias de vida

Edufrn - 2014

E' la traduzione in spagnolo di un vecchio libro di Franco Ferrarotti, Storia e storie di vita,, uscito a suo tempo presso la casa editrice Laterza. Questo invece parte dalla traduzione. francese pubblicata da Tetraede nel 2013



Histoire et histoires de vie

Tetraède - 2013




Post-modern music has an ancient heart

Verso l'Arte Edizioni - 2012




La musica post-moderna tiene un corazon antiguo

Editore Verso l'Arte - 2012
La traduzione in spagnolo de La musica Post-Moderna ha un cuore antico. Questo libro continua e approfondisce l'analisi interpretativa offerta in La funzione della musica nella società tecnicamente progredita.



La Societè et l'Utopie

La lettre volée, Vottem - 2008

Una traduzione fatta da Emmanuel Lambion e Daniel Vander Gucht; l'edizione italiana è del 2001, La società e l'utopia, Ed. Donzelli.



Des livres pour vivre

La lettre volée - 2008




Social Theory for old and new modernities

Lexington Books - 2007

a cura di E. Doyle McCharty - introduzione di .M. Immacolata Macioti




L'énigme d'Alexandre

La lettre volée - Liegi - 2004

Traduzione di Matteo Solaro e Daniel Vander Gucht. L'edizione originale è del 2001, editore Donzelli.



An Invitation to Classical Sociology

Lexington Books - USA - 2003





Una fe sin dogmas

Ediciones Peninsula - Barcellona - 1993

Traduzione di Marco Aurelio Galmarini di Una fede senza dogmi, edito da Laterza & Figli nel 1990.



Faith without dogma

Library of Congress USA - 1993




La historia y lo cotidiano

Ediciones Peninsula - Barcellona - 1991

Traduzione di Claudio Tognonato. L'originale italiano è del 1986, uscito con la Laterza.



Time, Memory and Society

Greenwood Press - 1990

Traduzione de Il ricordo e la temporalità



The end Of Conversation

Greenwood press - Westport, Connecticut - 1988

Traduzione americana del libro La storia e il quotidiana edito da Laterza



Max Weber and the Destiny of Reason

Associated Faculty Press Inc. - 1987




Une theologie pou athées

Librairie des meridiens - 1985






The myth on inevitable progress

Greenwood - 1985





Una sociologia alternativa


Traduzione in giapponese de "Una sociologia alternativa" edito da De Donato nel 1972



Histoire et histoires de vie

Tetraède - 1983



A theology for non believes

Associated Faculty Press - 1987
traduzione di Una teologia per atei" edito da Laterza nel 1983



Max Weber and the Destiny of Reason

M.E. Sharpe - 1982

Traduzione di John Fraser dalla seconda edizione di "Max Weber e il destino della ragione" che era uscito nel 1968 con gli Ed. Laterza (prima ed, 1965).



An Altenative Aociology

Irvington Publishers Inc. - New York - 1979

Traduzione di Pasqualino e Barbara Columbaro de "Una sociologia alternativa"



En marge- L'Occident et ses "autres"- AA.VV.

Aubier, Paris - 1978

Il contributo di Franco Ferrarotti è "L'Occident, les jeunes, l'irrationnel", da p. 107 a p. 124.












Toward the Social Production of the Sacred

Essay Press - 1977






Uma sociologia alternativa

Edicoes Afrontamento - 1976

Il titolo del libro in italiano è Una sociologia alternativa, uscito a Bari da De Donato editore



El pensamiento sociologico de Auguste Comte a Max Horkheimer

Editiones peninsula - 1975

Traduzione in castigliano fatta da Carlos M. Rama, prof. alla Università Autonoma di Barcellona; è la traduzione de "Il pensiero sociologico da Auguste Comte a Max Horkheimer", uscito con le ed. Arnoldo Mondadori di Milano nel 1974.



Notes on Social Information and Human Development

Aosta - 1973